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Event Name *Required (Max 60 characters including spaces)
Example "Melee Over Lenox" If this is going to be a sanctioned event, use the name you entered on the sanction application.
AMA Sanction#
You're not required to enter an AMA Sanction number when scheduling an event, however, before scores can be entered for your event THE SANCTION NUMBER MUST HAVE BEEN ENTERED INTO THE SYSTEM!!!!!
Location *Required (Max 50 characters including spaces)
Example "Mac Hodges Field, Andersonville, Georgia"
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mm/dd/yyyy format
End Date Enter an ending date if the event is more than one day....
mm/dd/yyyy format
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Description *Required (Max 250 characters including spaces)
Enter a detailed mission briefing for the pilots.
Contact *Required (Max 125 characters including spaces)
Enter a name and either a phone number, email address, web address, etc. where pilots can receive their detailed mission briefings.
Classes Flown
SSC 2610 2548
Electric Open A Open B
Open C Limited B GNat
Has event been cancelled YES IT HAS BEEN CANCELLED
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